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Vocal Coach

After many years of private tuition and study for my own singing voice, I began coaching other people’s voices on a daily basis, over 15 years ago. I love working with all types of singers, and in all genres of music, from pop, rock and soul, to classical, folk and musical theatre. I work with many types of singer, from professional vocalists and actors, who use their voices every day for their careers, to people who just want to be able to sing for their own personal enjoyment as a hobby. With all the years of experience, I have built an understanding of the human voice, its functionality, and anatomy on a deep level. As well as coaching students through a host of varying techniques and methods, I work with them on a very holistic level, covering everything from advanced breathing techniques that I have learned and modified from years of work with specialists in yoga, meditation and martial arts, to nutritional choices that can benefit singing and many other aspects of health and well being.


My aim as a vocal coach is to give you;

A teacher who can actually perform the techniques that are being taught.

A vocal technique that can cover all styles and genres of music.

In depth advice on nutrition and health, and how these choices can effect your vocal performance and overall wellbeing.

Confidence to achieve and become the singer you have always wanted to be, through working on your mindset and possible anxieties about performing and your instrument.

A facilitated method of singing that allows you to expand your range without breaks from your chest voice right through your mix and in to a solid connected head voice with the tone that you want for your own style.


I would like to think I have quite a laid back approach to handling the business side of my coaching. I don’t ask anyone to pay for blocks of lessons upfront and I don’t push people into taking a certain number of lessons per week/month, etc. I would recommend one hourly lesson per week for adults or a half hour per week for kids but it’s entirely up to you.
My prices are as follows;

1 Hour = £40
1/2 Hour (Kids lessons) = £17.50
Cancellation within 48 hours of arranged lesson = Full lesson fee


I have a small home studio with professional recording equipment. This allows us to record your lesson and also any songs that we work on in our sessions together, and gives you the opportunity to obtain a polished, professional sounding recording of your performances. There is no extra cost for this service.


I can’t make you the best singer in the world! Never trust those internet advertisements that suggest you can become the next Freddie Mercury or Beyonce from a six week e-course. You have to put the work in to improve. You wouldn’t go to see a personal trainer once a week and expect to get a body like Chris Hemsworth or Margot Robbie without putting the work in between sessions.


Rico has changed my entire way of eating, singing and looking at my life which has helped me so much as a performer, actress and singer. It’s been life changing and my singing has never felt easier!
Anon (Actress & stage performer)

I think my lung capacity has increased by double since I started working with Rico. The difference in my singing is unbelievable. The power and range I’m experiencing is more than I could have ever imagined before we started. Thank you!
Jim Sears (Hobby & choir singer)

Rico, in just over a year I can honestly say you have changed my life for the better. I was someone who was told on many occasions I could sing but I never had the self belief or confidence to do anything about it. Your lovely, honest and friendly nature changed that for me. I have achieved goals and ambitions I never thought were possible, I have reached places with my voice I didn't know I could reach and I continue to improve with every lesson. Your knowledge and vocal ability is second to none! Thank you!!
EL J McLean (Country Singer)

Rico has been able to identify my vocal flaws and provide appropriate and effective exercises to help eradicate them. He has also increased my overall vocal range. A patient and enthusiastic tutor.
Alex Cornes (Rock singer)

It’s a great feeling when the hard work starts to pay off. All thanks to you. Glad I took Sean Thompson’s advice that day and decided to call you. I’m pretty sure his words were something like “this guy will change your life” or something outrageously cheesey like that haha. It was true though! I’ve gone from being a guy with a dream to a professional, working musician! :) Adam Breckenridge (Function band singer)

My doctor put me in touch with Rico after I was told I had vocal nodules by ENT specialists. I had constant colds and sore throats at the time as well. Eighteen months on and I haven’t had to have surgery on my vocal cords, I’ve not had a cold for a whole year and I feel great. Aside from the usual vocal improvements you would expect from singing lessons, Rico has completely changed my health. I think this has made a massive difference to my voice in a strange way as my nodules were possibly due to me constantly singing through viruses and illness. His knowledge on nutrition and the human body is astonishing. He’s like a health guru!!
Kathy McGuiness (Musical theatre performer)

Taking lessons with Rico has been massively helpful for me. He made the lessons fun and relaxed, and is very clear in getting his ideas across. My tone improved a lot in a short period of time. I would recommend him for sure.
Stevie Young (Pop singer)

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